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Mini Human "Brain" Grown In Lab

2000-year-old computer recreated

A working model of an ancient computer was recently recreated in London.
Scientists Grow New Heart
Scientists at the University of Minnesota say they have reached the holy grail of tissue engineering - they created a new rat heart. (Jan. 14, 2008)
An Inkjet Made My Bladder!
Watch and see how tissues and organs, such as muscle and bladders, are custom-made to replace diseased or injured parts.
Bio-scaffold' Used to Aid New Organ Growth
Stem cell researchers have long sought to be able to grow replacement organs. But a major obstacle has been delivering a reliable blood supply to the growing tissue. Now, scientists claim they have a solution to the problem. (May 20, 2009)

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Woman gets a new windpipe made from her own stem cells grown in a lab
A young mother has become the first in the world to get a new part of her body made from her own stem cells.
The woman in Spain received a new windpipe -- grown in a lab.
British doctors who were involved in the revolutionary transplant say it heralds a new era in medicine.

November 19, 2008

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U.S.,  International and other Miscellaneous Directories

International Telephone Directories
Europages: The European Business Directory (Euredit SA)
Search for information on 500,000 companies in 33 European countries
Addresses and phone numbers of 1.8 million companies in more than 75 countries
A-Z Index of U.S. Government
Departments and Agencies
 United States Department of
   State Telephone Directory         
Online yellow pages for millions of U.S. companies. Search for companies by industry, city and state.
Includes more than 175,000 manufacturers. Search by product, brand name, company, location or keyword.
OneWorld Yellow Pages
A global business-to-business yellow pages directory that provides information on small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Directory of Print media online

Directories: Nonprofit Organizations

GuideStar (Philanthropic Research, Inc.)
Twellow - The Twitter Yellow Pages
United States ZIP Plus 4 Lookup
College Campus Yellow Pages
Federal Citizen Information Center -  Links to federal agency Telephone Directories.
The best way to find the latest Instagram photos from around the
 world, or around the corner.

     Latest Instagram photos


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Saint Augustine, Florida, weather forecast

Tide Predictions for St. Augustine Beach, Atlantic Ocean, Florida

Find sunrise and sunset for a location  

Which parts of the Earth are in day and which are in night

Flight Aware Air Traffic
  New robotic hand 'can feel'     KRON - Commercially Available  Bionic Hand Replacement   Man Controls Robotic Hand with Mind  
  arlindbosh | October 18, 2009   dachocobo | November 20, 2008   Discovery News  
  CyberKnife Radiosurgery Lung Treatment   NIBEye: Neural Interfaced Bionic Eye   Highly Educational Explanation of Gold Nanoshells and Cancer  
  arlindbosh | October 18, 2009   NIBEye | April 03, 2010   Using Gold Nano-Shells For Cancer Treatments By Omar Shalata  

Technology News & Information for Kids -
NASA's Place for Kids!
Spaceplace Games
Nasa's Solar System
The Mars Curiosity rover
Top 5 Science Discoveries
Kids - a safe place to
learn and play Trivia Q&A
Hubble Space Telescope
International Space
Station Multimedia
NASA's Jet Propuslsion
Laboratories Games
NASA's Kids' Club - Space
NASA Astrophysics in the
Next Three Decades
Quantam Teleportation -
From Academic Kids



Spacecraft - Tracking

   Space Flybys The most
  Interesting Satellites that
  will fly over you  Track Spacecraft
  in Real Time
  International Space Station
  NASA's  Spot The Station
  will give you a list of
  upcoming space station
  sighting opportunities for
  your location



Space Agencies

  NASA - US Space Agency
  China National Space
  German Aerospace Center
  Korea Aerospace Institute
  National Space Organization
  French Space Centre
  European Space Agency
  Japan Aerospace
  Exploration Agency
   Australian Government
  Space Portal
  Danish National Space
   UK Space Agency
  Russian Federal Space
  Netherlands Institute for
  Space Research
  Indian Space Research



Space & Astronomy

  Astronomy Books
  Kids - Astronomy News
  Nine Planets Solar
  System Tour - Views
  of the Solar System
National Archives - Space
  Space & Solar Weather
  A Primer on Space Weather


Historic Newspapers 100
years ago today
Front Pages from Around the
US Newspapers
Latest Security News
Space & Solar Weather

Current Space Weather 

A Primer on Space Weather  

State of Florida Agencies
Florida State Parks
Licensee Search
Recalls - Mfgr - Gov
A-Z Index of U.S. Government
Departments and Agencies
2017United States Department
of State Telephone Directory
US Geological Service
Latest Earthquakes
US Volcanoes and
Current Activity Alerts
Current Local Times
Around The World
World Clock Meeting
Planner All Time Zones
CIA World Fact Book
A-Z List of Countries
Apply For a Passport
All The Worlds
Worlds Embassies
Web Sites of Foreign
Embassies in the U.S.
Travel Alerts and Warnings
U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact
200,000 Maps of The World
InternationalShoe Sizes
conversion Chart (Woman)
International Clothing Table
conversion Chart (Woman)
 iana Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Internet Root Zone Database - Country Code Extensions
CDC- Natural Disasters and
Severe Weather
Hurricane Tracking Chart
Hurricane Preparedness
Disaster Readiness kit
Thunderstorm Safety
Chemical Spills
Emergency Info
Chemical Attack: What to do
Homeland Security
Shelter in a disaster -
Shelter in Place - Will Duct Tape
 & Plastic really work?
Search and Rescue    
Beacon Registration


Voice of America (VOA)
Associated Press (AP)
AP (The Wire)
AP Headlines via
Washington Post  (World)
PR Newswire
Reuters: Business
Business Week
BBC America
The Daily Beast
The Drudge Report
Huffington Post Inc.
Independent Media Center
News Insider, The
North America Daily
Online Journalism Review
Onion (Humor)
Poynter Online
Radio Free Europe
Reuters News Agency
Slate Magazine - The
Smoking Gun
Time Magazine
U.S. News Online
US News and World Report
Voice of America
WorldNet Daily
World Press Review
World Press Review

Britain - UK NEWS

Sky News
BBC News International
The Telegraph of London
Belfast Telegraph
Irish Independent
rish Times
The Muslim News


Radio Free Europe
World Bulletin - Turkey
Pravda - Russia
The Moscow Times
Pravda - Russia
Tass- Russia
The St. Petersburg Times -
Russian Information 
Agency ( (NOVOSTI )
B92 Serbia
Sofia News Agency ulgaria
Prague Post - Czech Republic
Deutsche Welle Germany
Der Spiegel - Germany
Le Monde - France
France24 - France
Ekathimerini - Greece
A.G. Italia - Italy
Hürriyet - Turkey
Zaman - Turkey
El Pais - Spain
Kiev Post - Ukraine
Interfax - Ukraine

Middle East

Jerusalem Post

Globes Online
Israeli Insider
Al Bawaba-Middle East
Bahrain News Agency
United Arab Emirates news
Kuwait News Agency




Islamic Republic News
Agency - IRNA
ABNA - AhlulBayt News Agency
Iranian Students News Agency


Associated Press of Pakistan


XINHUA - China View OnLine
China Peoples Daily
Japan Times -  Japan  - S. Korea
Taiwan Central News Agency
Taiwan MyEgov
Antara news Indonesia
Bangkok Post Thailand
Asia One - Singapore
Organization of Asian -
Pacific News Agencies


 News24-South Africa
West Africa News
East Africa Post


The Daily Telegraph
World News Australia


Canadian Broadcast
Corporation Canada
CTV Canada = Canada


Latin American News
Agency Cuba
Guam - Repair
Gardening Know How
How Stuff Works
How To Do Things
HowEverything Works

How the Pentagon Names

Military Operations
Periodic Table- Web Elements Dictionary
Medline Plus
Nuclear Power Reactor
   Information System
Operating US Nuclear Power Reactors (by Location or Name)
nuclear power plant locations and Global earthquake activity since 1973
World Nuclear Power Reactors & Uranium Requirements
Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies Before,During and After
CDC- Natural Disasters and Severe Weather





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