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 Apache OpenOffice                                                               Download

Apache OpenOffice For Windows is a free, Open Source MS Office alternative with a Word compatible word processor, a complete Excel compatible spreadsheet program, and more.

Apache OpenOffice For Windows will be easy to learn and use, especially if you're currently utilizing another office software package, as it will have a quite familiar feel to it. The UI is clear and does include many of the same features as some of its counterparts.

It features everything you need to be productive at the office or home and is very similar to LibreOffice and NeoOffice. It includes a fully functioning spreadsheet that has the ability to analyze, calculate, and present your data with excellent graphics or numerical reports and a full-service word processor for double-checking and completing the job at hand. If you need a bit more style added to your work, you can employ the Apache OpenOffice Draw feature and add anything from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.


WPS Office's Writer                                                              Download



 WPS Office (previously called Kingsoft Office) is a suite that includes a word processor, called Writer, that's easy to use because of its tabbed interface, clean design, and uncluttered menu.

Spell check is performed automatically as you would expect to be done in a good word processor. You can easily toggle spell check on and off from the menu at the bottom.

Writer supports full-screen mode, dual page layout, and the option to hide the menus, which makes for a perfect distraction-free writing experience. There's even a viewing mode to protect against eye damage, turning the background of the page into a greenish color.

You can also add custom dictionaries, read/write to popular file types, create a cover page and table of contents, use built-in templates, encrypt documents, and easily view all the pages of a document from a side pane.

Zoho Writer




Like Google Docs, Zoho Writer is an online word processor that's incredibly easy to use while at the same time has all the bells and whistles of a traditional word processor.

You'll be able to create and edit documents with ease. Documents auto-save, you can see past revisions that were made to the document, spelling errors are called out, there's an auto correct feature you can customize, and you can upload MS Word files as well as save Zoho Writer documents to your computer in popular formats like PDF and DOCX.

A unique feature of this online word processor is the ability to chat as you collaborate on a document.

Logging on is super simple if you already have a Google or Facebook account. It works from a computer and mobile devices.