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This writing is your response the harrassment, bullying and the lies and delusions of the mentally ill, the nuts and those who cannot accept themselves the way they were born.

For those being bullied by nuts just explain the facts - "A woman is a human being who has XX Chromosones, a man is a human being with XY chromosones" - Just that simple, Flicker

Attention Bullies!!! Society and American Citizens Have The Right To Refuse To Participate In Your Fantasies and to Accept You The Way You Were Born Even If You Cant't Accept Yourself.

As an engineer I live in the world of scientific facts. With that in mind I realize that everyone has the right to live in reality or in a fanatasy world, shared or otherwise, not based in facts or reality but existing in their own imagination.
However fantasies are not facts! This page is intended to support science and reality and summarizes the fact that there are only XX (gender=female) and  XY (gender=male) human beings. These facts precludes, or makes impossible, the fantasy that there are more than two genders.
For some reason people want to try to force other people to live and be governed by their unscientfic fantasies. I am obligated to help people who are being bullied by nuts to present the facts logically.  

Thank you, Flicker Thomas

World Athletics says men can no loger compete against women in International events
World Athletics Bans Transgenders (Biological Males) From Competing Against Women at International Events
Christian Preacher Reported to UK Terror Police After Calling ‘Transwoman’ a ‘Man in Woman’s Clothing’
Matt Walsh Nukes Transgender Debate on Dr. Phil With Facts and Logic - the guests were so out of it mentallycould not even define "what is a Woman?" When asked "what is a woman"? He actually replied " a woman is a woman" instead of stating the Absolute Fact that "A woman is a human being who has XX Chromosones". Thats all there is to it.

There has never been a successful sex change operation in the history of the Human race for the following reasons - see the scientific facts below:

1. It is impossible to change an XX (gender=female)  chromosone to an XY (gender=male) chromosone
2. It is impossible to change an XY (gender=male) chromosone to an XX (gender=female) chromosone
3. No one in history has been able to change a human with an XX (gender=female) chromosone to a person with an XY (gender=male) chromosone
4. No one in history has been able to change a human with an XY (gender=male) chromosone to a person with an XX (gender=female)  chromosone
5. Hormones do not determine a person's sex or Gender - it is the XX (gender=female) or XY (gender=male) chromosones
6. Surgically and chemicaly altering a human's sex organs does not change their chromosones or their sex only the external apperance of their genitalia.
7. Hormones cannot change a persons chromosones, gender or sex


For those confused peole whose parents did not teach them about the Birds and the Bees please examine Mother Nature's FACTS which were submitted by a visitor to this site!